Saturday, June 27, 2009

Open letter to smartphone and mobile operator goombas...

  • Support Bluetooth PAN profiles
  • Support Bluetooth HID profiles
  • Include 3.5mm audio jacks
  • Use standard USB for data and charging

Monday, June 01, 2009

Adventures in Controlled Demolition

For several reasons, I decided to "uninstall" the patio cover that I had constructed several years ago. It was roughly 12' x 12' x 8', and constructed of pressure-treated lumber.

I've cut down a tree or two in my day, and decided that using a similar notching technique would probably work:

Notches were cut in all four upright posts, with those on one side slightly (according to a precisely calibrated eye) higher than those on the other side:

After back-cutting the notches, and "coaxing" the structure away from the house with a hammer, the results were better than most people would deem possible:

Thus began the arduous process of removing hundreds of screws to comply with the "nail-free" requirements of my bulky trash pick-up. Several hours later, I was down to this:

The next step was to disassemble and remove the outer 2" x 6" frame:

Finally (since daylight and energy were both starting to get scarce), I removed the remnants of the vertical posts from the footers near the house. (I'll need to use a hand saw to take off the tops of the posts that are inside the planter boxes.) If the trash service doesn't come this afternoon, I will extract the footers this evening:

Not too bad for a day's work...