Sunday, January 19, 2014

Garage Cabinets, Part Deux

I wanted to get some large items off the floor, so designed another over-sized set of cabinets to fill in some poorly-used space by the water softener.

Step 1: Build a rather large box out of 1/2" plywood. This one is 4' x 29" x 20" (exterior, nominal).

Step 2: Build another (matching) box and install mounting rails in each so the boxes can be attached to wall studs.

Step 3: Install cleats on the wall and provide a temporary support to hold the lower box while it is screwed into the studs.

Step 4: After mounting the box to the studs, frame out the remaining two sides of the base with 2x4. The next picture shows how this will be used to provide "overkill" in terms of load-handling capacity.

Notice how my original cleats are protruding slightly beyond the bounds of the box. This was done intentionally to allow each cleat to be attached to one additional stud.

Step 5: Stack the second box on top of the first, and secure it to the studs.

Step 6: Line up a vertical support that extends to the ceiling. Cut a cross member long enough to attach to two joists, then attach the vertical support to the cross member. Verify that the assembly is level, then attach the vertical support to the base 2x4 frame of the cabinet assembly. Finally, attach the boxes to the vertical support. This support ensures that the cabinets can hold just about anything you could possibly throw at them.

Step 7: Step back and take a breather, everything is in place and leveled off.

Step 8: Try not to worry too much about any minor imperfections; it's more productive to build a face frame and hide them instead. So, that's what we'll do next...

Step 9: Cut and install the face frame. Because of my long cleat on the wall, it was necessary to notch out a piece of the frame on the lower left corner. (Unfortunately, this detail is hidden in the picture below.) Without the end grain of the plywood exposed, the cabinet not only looks better, but is more durable.

Step 10: Load the cabinet with a bunch of junk indispensable items and call it a day.