Thursday, December 13, 2007

The MacUpdate Bundle

Hmmm -- was going to buy iWOW tomorrow for $20, but for $50 this bundle looks like the better way to go...  I'm sure I can get my $30 worth out of PulpMotion and iStabilize, even if I never use some of the others.
"Your Deal: The Mac community has triumphantly come together reaching all of the unlock milestones before the unlock countdown expired. Now when you buy this bundle, you become the owner of all 11 applications immediately: PulpMotion, XMIND 2008 Pro, iStabilize, Forklift, RapidWeaver, Swift Publisher, Marine Aquarium, Xslimmer, MemoryMiner Yep, and iWOW 2."

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

New communication technique?

Type only things that require a single hand, despite using QWERTY (punctuation doesn't count for this exercise, because silly unreadable run-ons aren't nearly as fun...):

Examples from an xkcd "blag" post:
  • “We fear a few dwarf watercraft stewardesses were regarded as desegregated after a great Texas tweezer war.”
  • “I’ll kill him in Honolulu, you unhook my pink kimono.”
Here are my "left-handed" remarks (which are perfect for right-handed mouse-o-philes):
  • "Are extra trees ever great weeds?"
  • "Car was safe: waxed, gassed, etc."
  • "A feat: create vast reverberated waves!"
  • "Ever see a bad feast? Excess sweet treats?"
  • "Draft? Wear a sweater."
  • "Axe a rat; feed face; get a barf bag, fast!"

May have to get a Treo...

Treo 750 gets WM6 and HSDPA, finally. Even a free download for AT&T versions on the Palm site... Now, I just need to find out when my current plan dies. Don't really think I want to spend the $550 for the unlocked version, but will have to compare and contrast before making a decision on what and when to buy. Also kinda interested in the BlackJack II, but like the idea of being able to use the same bluetooth receiver and an updated version of the GPS software I've been using on my WM5 PPC.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Hopefully, the consumer GigaPan robotic mount will come out of beta soon, but will have a cost similar to its sub-$300 beta price. Sure, you can accomplish the same thing manually, but having a motorized automated mount would be pretty darn wicked! It's also pretty cool that you can browse a growing library of these interactive images not only on the GigaPan site, but also in Google Earth (minimum version 4.2).