Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Everything and Nothing

Speaking of everything, Wikipedia has been experiencing some sour grapes as a result of rampant trolling and widespread apathy. Of course, their philosophy is still appealing to the anti-corporate vein that runs in several folks.

As a former employee of an ISP, I've always had a soft spot for UserFriendly. So, here's Illiad's jab at the unspoken contractual obligations of dating. Sorry, I'm not crazy enough to try to come up with any personal references to either confirm or deny the cartoon's allegations.

If you're interested in more academic pursuits, here's the Flash gallery of physics animations. Or, you could burn some time in a way that me and the father of BitTorrent have in common -- Sudoku. The nine-by-nine grid of digits is both fun and addictive. Apparently, it's not quite as addictive as EverCrack; I've never played six games at once. If you want to get outside and move, you can still go high-tech with the official Adidas microchip-enabled soccer ball...