Friday, February 10, 2006

Feeding Time for Two Pointless Obsessions

I stumbled across another sudoku article focused on logic and computation. I also managed to ensure that I won't have to buy another book of these crack-esque puzzles in the foreseeable future. (Aside: It's "Book 1," so of course the puzzles are "All New," at least to this publisher...) "How did a certified addict manage to cut off a supply?" you ask. Simple, actually - I found a better dealer. Books don't keep record times for you, always start off with puzzles that are entirely too easy for anyone that has any sudoku experience, and -- horror! -- require carrying a pencil. Besides, I needed another justification for the existence of my Pocket PC.

Here's some coverage of not-quite-as-alternative bicycle designs that place the cranks further forward than on a traditional bike, but maintain a layout that is somewhat more in line with the traditional designs than that of full-blown recumbents. If they can achieve price parity with the higher-volume traditional bikes, these designs could actually start to sell. One of these years, I may deliver a dissertation on bicycle frame geometry and its effects on the stability, handling characteristics, and comfort. Of course, that would require more research -- so don't hold your breath.