Thursday, April 13, 2006

Stop Saving Your Pennies and Start Rockin'

From the "empty the ashtray and start flipping the sofa cushions" department:

So, what Apple news -- you ask -- could possibly trump "Boot Camp;" which had previously trumped the hack-tastic method of running XP on an Intel-powered Mac and raised it a video driver?

How about turning your jug-o'-change into a handful of songs straight from iTunes? Coinstar, those fine folks who would charge you 8.9% to flip your pint of Lincoln-heads into a receipt that you could redeem for $7.22 at the register, now offers the ability to waive the 8.9% fee and apply your entire seven hundred ninety two pennies to an iTunes music card.

But, what if iTunes taxation (without representation) renders your $7.92 good for fewer than seven songs, and makes you want to fling some crates o' Lipton into Boston Harbor? Well, you could opt to apply your $7.92 to a venti double-shot non-fat mocha (hold the whip) instead, by opting for the Starbucks card. Or, you could almost get a nice paperback from Amazon or Borders; or even a down-payment on some "software" from Linens 'n' Things or Pier 1.