Friday, August 21, 2009

Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go for OS X

OK, this was too easy (I'm using the card to write this blog post).

  1. Install the Connection Manager and Drivers on a Windows system. (I used my boot camp partition.)
  2. Activate the USB device, and Program it using the Connection Manager.
  3. Restart in OS X
  4. Run the installer package (Installer.pkg), and -- unfortunately -- reboot.
  5. Follow along with the Leopard instructions in the UserGuide.pdf, with a couple of (fairly obvious) modifications:
  • The connection was created automatically (easier than their instructions)
  • It was called "Virgin Mobile Modem" instead of "Novatel Wireless CDMA Modem"
  • Some of the options they didn't mention on the WWAN tab have been removed (again, making it easier)
  • They forgot to mention adding your account credentials before clicking "Connect" (NOTE: This may actually not be necessary, based on my experiences under Linux -- I'll have to try using no data here later...)
  • Your Account Name is your MDN / Broadband2Go account number
  • Your Password is your Account PIN
That's it -- fully functional on OS X in a matter of about 2 minutes. Next stop, trying to get the bugger to work with Linux (namely Ubuntu 8.04 on my netbook). I'll report back if/when I'm successful...

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