Sunday, November 22, 2009

Some Apps for Android - Turbo QuasiReviews

My Tracks -
  • What: GPS Track logger, saves statistics and maps -- can upload to MyMaps and Google Docs spreadsheets.
  • Pros: Save and review workout data, do GPS data logging for geo-tagging apps (export GPX or KML).
  • Cons: GPS-based altitude is pretty poor, and shouldn't really be trusted.

Andoku -
  • What: Sudoku and some variants. 
  • Pros: Easy interface with "pencil marks", variants offer variety. 
  • Cons: "only" 100 puzzles of each type/difficulty. (But, by the time you finish them all, will you really remember the solution to the first one? I doubt it...)
Word Wrench -
  • What: Anagram-based game, somewhat like "TextTwist"
  • Pros: Pauses automatically and resumes nicely. Can change the allotted time.
  • Cons: Interface it really basic; grays out and makes it hard to see what you missed.
Jewellust -
  • What: Similar to Bejeweled, but with some unique power-ups and other features.
  • Pros: Every bit as addictive as Bejeweled.
  • Cons: Every bit as addictive as Bejeweled.
Pandora (no description necessary, does what you'd expect) Mobile - Crop and color-balance on your phone. Great for contact photos, etc.

ConnectBot - ssh/telnet client. Very solid, plenty of screen real estate on my Droid.

ES File Explorer - Local file manager with network SMB share access (nice way to grab files from NAS or upload pix, etc.).

SportsTap - Scores, schedules, etc. Good interface, but refreshes kinda slow...

AndFTP - FTP, SFTP, FTPES client. Seems pretty stable so far.

FTPServer - Exactly what it says. Perhaps a little scary, but good in a pinch, especially if you monitor it and make sure there aren't unexpected users...

Twidroid - Twitter client -- I use a task manager to close it so I don't get alerted by every new Tweet in my little world.

Blogaway - Blogger interface. Basic, but works for simple moblogging (That's a super-compound internet word). Doesn't make urls hot, but does allow picture uploads.