Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reasons to love the cargo bike: #273 - fixing the car...

It will be fun to see what kind of strange looks I get during my commute tomorrow morning, and compare them to what I encounter when I "ride two bikes" to work...

This time, the cargo in question will be one of the front wheels from my car on which the tire suffered a puncture (a 225/45-18", representing about 35 lb. of aluminum and steel-belted radial, if you're keeping score). "Why not just use the spare?," you may feel inclined to ask. It's a long-ish story*, the simple version of which is "because it's already on the car."

[Sorry for the soft focus in these pictures, but even at f2.8 and with a flash, these were long exposures, and were shot hand-held.]

The solution (Yes, the strapping is overkill, but I haven't ever lost a load):

The problem (OK, evidence thereof -- if you want to pick nits):

The complication (No PhotoShop trickeration here, that is the other side of the car):

*: I've been having my rims refinished in a rotating one-by-one fashion (to avoid putting the car on blocks during the process), and number 3 of 4 is currently at the shop, leaving the compact spare already in service on my car...