Sunday, September 18, 2005

More Primarily-European Sports News

Former U.S. Postal leiutenant and current Liberty Seguros leader Roberto Heras won his fourth Vuelta a España. The accomplished climber is the first rider to achieve four victories in this grand cycling tour. In older Liberty Seguros news, Alexandre Vinokourov joined the team after the conclusion of the Tour de France.

In the World Rally Championship, Markko Martin's co-driver Michael Park died as a result of a collision with a tree during the Wales Rally GB. If you don't know what a co-driver is, you have much to learn about the ways of rally racing. Peugeot driver Marcus Gronholm and current-leader Sébastien Loeb showed their respect in a way that many Americans would consider unusual -- refusing to win.

Manchester United stayed unbeaten (0-0 draw with Liverpool), but unfortunately Chelsea racked up their sixth Premiereship victory this weekend. In other footie-related news, the US national team and Mexico have secured two of CONCACAF's berths in the 2006 FIFA World Cup. Other teams that have already qualified include the host, Germany, as well as Japan, Iran, the Republic of (South) Korea, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Brazil, and the Ukraine.