Monday, June 05, 2006

All Other Persons, Revisited

As the hype machine gears up in support of the proposed (un-)Constitutional Amendment to "protect marriage" in advance of the looming mid-term election, it is time to dust off and share my old satirical image. This illustration is in the same vein as my previous post from when Texas passed its amendment, but it may hit a little closer to the mark...

Article I, Section 2 of the US Constitution based population and therefore representation on a number of factors, including a counting of free persons, and "three fifths of all other persons." Secton 2 of the fourteenth amendment changed this definition (although women still couldn't vote, nor could anyone under the age of 21, nor could -- in most jusisdictions, due to poll taxes -- the poor). Since a marriage contract is a legal document issued by a state or municipality, there is no reason for this issue to be addressed at the federal level. Period. The End.

So without further ado, the satirical illustration is here. The terms are the same as with the other illustration -- use it as you wish, but please host it on your own site if you choose to use it.

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